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Riverfront Sculpture

We are delighted to announce that BAC member Ronald Hansen will be creating the public art piece along Bellevue's Scenic Byway. Ronald's concept proposal of steamboat stacks and colorful fishes is shown above. Thank you to the community for its input in this multi-year process, and to the Public Art Selection Committee which developed the theme "Living, Flowing, Ever Changing." This project is being managed by the Byways of Iowa Foundation and the Northeast Iowa RC&D.  The goal is to have the sculpture in place in time for Fishtival in August 2018. 

BAC Board Members

Our current BAC Board Members are from left to right, back row,  Anne Amore, Ron Hansen, Allen Ernst, Dave Eischeid, and Julianne Couch. 

Front row from left to right, are  Karen Langseth, Jo Fifield, Linda Nudd, Kate Brooks, and Sue Sawvel.  Carrie Weaver of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce is also a board member not included in an updated photo as yet.

Great River Gallery

We are so fortunate for the use of the Great River Gallery for individual showings by artists and also for our annual BAC Members Spring Exhibit.  

The gallery is located at 116 North Riverview Drive, Bellevue, Iowa.  Access to the gallery is available upon request by contacting Allen Ernst at 563.581.9197 (or 563.872.3388) or email at allenrernst@me.com.  

Link here to the Great River Gallery website.



The mission of the Bellevue Arts Council is to create, foster and promote our unique regional arts environment by supporting the arts, art education and artists of eastern Iowa. By providing funding, advocacy and support services to the region's arts organizations and artists we strive to build a strong arts community now and for the future.


The vision of the Bellevue Arts Council is to recognize all of the arts and their importance in our community. We envision Bellevue as a community where the arts inspire innovative creativity, celebrate our rich cultural diversity, recognize our valuable history and encourage individual and community involvement.


We are an organization that is 100+ members strong, all dedicated to offering ways to share love of the arts with others, whether your passion is for visual arts, writing, music, theater, or other forms of self-expression. 

Facebook and Membership

Join us on FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/BellevueArtsCouncil/ to get to know us better and experience what our organization is all about.  

August is BAC Membership Month!

Please become a supporting member of the Bellevue Arts Council, working together toward a goal of supporting artists and arts education in our community. Link to our MEMBERSHIP FORM to become a Bellevue Arts Council member.  Your dues support exhibits by area artists, art classes for kids and seniors, visits from writers an poets, performances by actors and musicians, and trips to regional theaters and art museums. Another benefit of membership is a monthly electronic newsletter sharing the latest projects and information you wouldn't want to miss. With your support, we will continue partnering with the public library, local schools, and other community organizations. 



Great River Gallery Exhibits

Our BAC Members Spring Art Show is opening on Friday, May 4, 2018.   This exhibit always proves to be diverse in range of 2D and 3D artworks by our members, and exceptional in quality of works presented.  More specific details are coming on opening reception time and length of the show.  


The Great River Gallery exhibits ongoing artworks from resident artists throughout the year.  In addition, specific scheduled shows by individual artists and the BAC Members' Spring Exhibit celebrate area artists creations in photography, 2D studio works, jewelrymaking, fabric art, woodworking and sculpture. 

In addition to our Great River Gallery, we are working on a BAC  Art Gallery online on this website.  It is currently under construction and will be open for viewing in 2018.

Annual Fishtival in August

Our next annual 2018 Fishtival event is Saturday, August 18, 2018! 

Included with the Fistival Arts Festival is a dedication of a Public Art Piece on August 18th as well. If you'd like to know more about this art piece, see the Riverfront Sculpture description  at the top of this page. 


The annual Fishtival event in August is a celebration of our heritage as a community on the Mississippi through all forms of art including dance, media arts, and folk and traditional music. Some activities include an art exhibit, on-location painters, fish sculptures, fish related children's hands-on projects, DNR fish demonstrations, children's dance troupes, trolling musicians, a mermaid, and a fish boil.  Just added in 2017 are informal adult art experiences in the gazebo. This year included a clay handbuilding project, chalk pastel and watercolor.  The mission of the BAC is to present a variety of unique, artistic expressions and experiences to children, students, and community. The purpose of Fishtival is to attract tourists to the Bellevue, Iowa, through the promotion of art. 

2nd Sunday Arts & River Ridge Brewery

Come join us from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Great River Gallery, 116 North Riverview, Bellevue, next door to the River Ridge Brewery, that is open for the arts event offering  specialty beverages if desired. See you there!

FEBRUARY 11, 2018 - WRITING LOVE POEMS FOR VALENTINES DAY               Literature Event

Julianne Couch will guide us through writing a love poem fitting for a Valentines Day card.  Love poetry doesn't have to be romantic love-anything conveying strong positive emotion to a person or place, even your former self or future self-can be a love poem. We will create both a free verse poem and a structured sonnet. At least the first draft. 

MARCH 11, 2018 - IRISH ENTERTAINMENT                                                     Music and Dance Event

Karen Langseth is organizing some Irish Entertainment to honor St. Patrick's Day.  We are still working on the details but here's a hint: best wear some dancing shoes.

APRIL 8, 2018 - PAINTING AND HIDING ROCKS                                                                       Studio Art Event

Jo Fifield has become entranced with  the idea of painting and hiding rocks for folks to find, the way they're doing in Manassas, Virginia. A rock-painting group there says they do this to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people.  Jo will gather some small rocks suitable for painting. We'll paint them during this session, then we can photograph the rocks, hide them in places others will enjoy discovering them, and even post pictures of our rocks on our Facebook page. 


Second  Sunday events allow  children, adults, and families to explore the arts. These events started in December 2016  and are held every Second Sunday in the Great River Gallery from 2-4 p.m. Participants  have access to  the River Ridge Brewery next door while enjoying writing, music, and studio art.  Some of the  2nd Sunday arts events in 2017 included watercolor, pastel, recycled art, authors, historical re-enactments of prominent writers and poets of the past, and musical experiences. The sky is the limit in what you may experience. 

Explore Art for Bellevue K-5 Students

The Bellevue Arts Council is proud to sponsor an annual "Explore Art" project that K-5 students from Bellevue Elementary and Marquette Schools participate in at the Off the Wall Studio Gallery every year from January through March. Studio experiences for the children include everything from drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture works, with effort for the art activities to tie into the Bellevue community; for example, the river, fish and wildlife, native american history, pioneer roots, and the heritage of our town.  

This is one of many events that we as the Bellevue Arts Council are doing to promote the arts in Bellevue and pride in our community. Our ongoing mission and vision is to build a strong community arts program now and for the future. We utilize artists, volunteers, and supplies obtained through grants and memberships to offer art opportunities to all elementary students in Bellevue.  

Mill Valley Resident Art Experience

Two to three times a month Dave and Carol  Eischeid, and Sue and Earl Sawvel take turns giving painting classes to any Mill Valley residents who choose to attend. Karen Dunne consistently helps with every class as well and a special "Thank You!" goes to her for her devotion to what we are trying to achieve at Mill Valley for its residents. Our painting classes are an hour and a half in length giving residents the opportunity for mental focus, dexterity, and critical decision making skills while producing very personal artworks that could include subject matter from horses and barns to florals.  We love working with the residents of Mill Valley, knowing these activities add to their enrichment opportunities and quality of life. Random discussions, camaraderie, and  life stories add depth and a smile to the residents' day as well.

Field Trips and Other Inspirations

This year, BAC members will take a trip to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Timber Lake Playhouse in Mt. Carroll on Sunday, August 12th. 

Past field trips have included art museum tours to Milwaukee, Chicago, and Dubuque.  Each year members can participate in a field trip to Mount Carroll's  Timberlake Playhouse in Illinois. Where would like to go on an arts related field trip?

To add to individual exploration of the arts, we are including an  Inspiration Page to this website  that will change  in content every month or so. Access to the Inspiration Page can be linked to from the Navigation Bar at the top of this page as well.   It explores an artist from history, his or her biography, the relevant artistic time period, and the artist's personal style and motivation to be an artist. It's a little art appreciation and art history rolled  into one. We hope you enjoy it! 

other regional arts centers within an hour of bellevue, iowa

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Access to the Great River Gallery, 116 North Riverview Drive, Bellevue, Iowa, is available upon request by contacting Allen Ernst at 563.581.9197 (or 563.872.3388) or email at allenrenst@me.com.  

For questions about the BAC, contact David Eischeid at 563.542.7020 or email at d.c.eischeid@gmail.com, or  Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce at 563.872.5830 or chamber@bellevueia.com.  

For inquiries about this website,  contact M. Sue Sawvel at the Drop Us a Line!  link below.

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